NEW! 18W LED Surface Mount

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NEW! The 18W LED Surface Mount is perfect for kitchens or offices without a ceiling – no cutting required! Simply attach the light fixture to the wall, under a cabinet or to the ceiling directly for a fast and dramatic change to the decor of any room. The 18W LED Surface Mount comes with a 220V driver, connected with a standard male-female connection, making it even easier to change the way you see the room.


The LED Surface Mount light has multiple applications and is perfect for new builds, renovations, or revamping.

 Easy to attach, the LED Surface Mount can be fixed to walls or concrete ceilings – so no cutting! Homie’s LED surface mount will change the mood of any room or office, without the hassle of the standard fitting. The back of each Surface Mount has a bracket and four holes with which you can simply screw your light straight onto your wall or ceiling!

Homie’s LED Surface Mount lights are a cut above the rest – available in a range of warm or cool while, and in powers of 6W, 12W and 18W, depending on your needs.

The 6W is best suited as a wall mount along stairs or in passages; the 12W is most commonly used in bathrooms since they are neat and bright. The 18W LED Surface mount is very popular, and many purchase this, the brightest and largest of the range to light up their kitchens or offices.

The surface mount’s uniqueness is only overshadowed by it’s high quality design.

Made up of LEDs secured to a solid flat surface, covered with frosted glass and encased in aluminium; all aspects of these lights have been designed to use the lowest possible wattage for maximum brightness, all the while achieving the long life that Homie LED lights are famous for.  The frosted glass means a wider (120º) angle of illumination that allows for an even distribution of light.

18W LED Surface Mount

These 18W LED Surface Mount lights have been used in a source of lighting that is both beautiful and functional

Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 27 cm
Beam Angle



White Aluminium

Life Span

50, 000 Hours


3 Years