3528 LED Strip Light 220V w/o Power Supply

This is a Homie LED strip light.  The 3528 means it contains smaller LEDs, therefore using less wattage per meter than the 5050 ultra bright strip lights. Please select your colour and length options to calculate your price, but don’t forget to add a power supply (per connection you’ll be needing) to your cart to avoid disappointment on delivery day.


Homie’s 3528 220v LED strip lights are led lights that have been strongly secured to a flexible tape that is usually attached to the wall of a bar or bedroom as mood or effect lighting.  Often it is also placed along a stairwell to add light in a dark place without obvious fittings.  Strip lighting has become increasingly trendy as decoration for parties as they are re-attachable, flexible and have the ability to attach to wires for a smooth running power source.  They are also sealed against dust and jets of water. Due to their growing popularity, the strip lights come in a range of colours and lengths for your convenience.

A power supply is required for all 220v LED Strip Lights


Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 0.01 × 0.2 × 0.2 cm

7w / meter


Red / Green / Blue