5050 LED Strip Light 12V 5m Pack

The 5050 LED Strip Light 12V 5M Pack with power supply is a special Ultra Bright 5m Homie LED strip light, and it is a series of colourful LED lights strongly secured to a 5m flexible tape (dust and water resistant) running on 12V, that can be attached and reattached to almost any surface for a 90% saving on electricity.


Homie’s 5050 LED strip light 12V 5m Pack comes with a power supply! 

Strip Lights are described as small led lights that have been strongly secured to a flexible tape that is usually attached to the wall of a bar or bedroom as mood or effect lighting.

The 3528 LED Strip Light is most commonly placed along a stairwell to add light in a dark place without obvious fittings.  Strip lighting has become increasingly trendy as decoration for parties as they are re-attachable, flexible and have the ability to attach to wires for a smooth running power source.

The 5050 LED Strip Light 12V 5m Pack’s LEDs are larger than the 3528 and are therefore significantly brighter. This results in their application as functional as well as beautiful lighting. The 5050 LED Strip Light is also used in emergency situations, when the electricity is cut off and a battery operates the 12V lighting to guide residents or workers out of any building safely.

A striking and beautiful effect, the 5050 LED Strip Light 12V 5m Pack certainly makes a statement!

Additional information

Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 6 cm

14.4W / Meter

IP Rating