5.5W COB Chip GU10 LED Downlight

This Homie 4W LED Downlight 12V is a Non-Dimmable that shines at a 60° angle, and is considered as the standard replacement for the outdated 50W Halogen downlight. Homie's 4W LED Downlight 12V far outweighs the competition in that it is faster starting, brighter shining and longer living than anything else on the market.


The LED Downlights has the largest variety of all Homie’s ranges, and the high quality materials and innovative design are present in all variants.

The 3W LED Downlight is the smallest of the range, and is best suited to bathrooms, walk in closets and smaller bedrooms or in conjunction of other lighting fixtures.

The 4W LED Downlight is the standard replacement for the outdated 50W halogen downlight and comes straight to you from Homie’s manufacturer in the highest quality for the best price!

Homie LED down-lights are available in a MR16, which is the standard replacement bulb for 12V down-lighters; and the GU10, which is made for use on 220V currents. Generally, modern houses use the 220V instead of plugging the 12V into a transformer in the ceiling (as many older houses do).  The only difference between the two is the connection.

Most customers order the warm white color option which is perfect for indoor home lighting and mood or decorative lighting. Cool white is refreshing and vibrant for patios or offices.  This light bulb is very durable, with a stainless steel light reflector, making it weather resistant, and LED lights (1 per Watt) for a life that lasts up to 50 000 hours!

This range of down-lights is split into dimmable and non-dimmable products.  If you already have a dimming system in your house/room, you may need to make sure that the LED light is suited to your system to ensure no disappointment.

A contemporary design, the innovative 4W LED Downlight 12V is gorgeous in warm or cool white

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 cm

Non – Dimmable

Beam Angle




Life Span

35, 000 – 50, 000 Hours