175W LED Floodlight AC220V 15000 Lumen

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NEW! The Mesmerize 175W LED Slimline Floodlight is made from aluminium with insulated wiring they are weather proof and made to burn for 35 000 energy saving hours, this light is recommended for  any large projects or areas that require very bright lights. Perfect for any signboard work, the 175W LED Slimline Floodlight is suited for a wider spread of even light.


Mesmerize’s powerful wide angle LED flood lights are IP65 rated, which means they are perfect for your outdoor lightning needs. Uses include site, sign advertising, security and garden lighting, all the while saving you 90% of your lighting consumption. The LED flood lights can be put anywhere at for a wide dispersion of bright white light, using them alone or in conjunction with other LED flood lights.

Tested for 35 000 hours, and warrantied for 2 years – the Mesmerize LED flood lights are strong in stature and light emission with a light loss of less than 5% over their entire lifetime. Their durability is not their only advantage – they do not emit in the same UV spectrum that attracts insects. They are also great for security use, as their light spreads over a wider distance; their light assists security cameras and can be triggered by motion sensors.

Mesmerize’s LED flood lights are fast to start, do not flash or flicker, are sealed against all weather, come with a bracket you can angle with ease, and are not harmful to eyes or skin.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 55 × 50 × 40 cm
Beam Angle




Life Span

35 000 hours


2 Years