1.6W G4 LED Light (Starlight)

The Homie 1.6W G4 LED lights can replace your halogen bulbs and have endless applications because of their low energy use, small size, brightness, and low heat output.  This product is a 1.6W G4 LED  starlight with a 180°  angle that runs on 12V electricity.

By using the circular housing, this 1.6W G4 LED light  is mostly used in cockpits, on boats or as decorative lights, and is the only starlight of Homie’s G4 range that is front facing and circular -very different!


G4 LED Lights, or Starlights,  are typically used for chandeliers and are responsible for those tiny starlights you see in really nice hotels and restaurants.

The 1W LED Light (Starlight) looks amazing as an alternative to normal down lights beneath kitchen cupboards or to light up a dull corridor or entrance hall. The 1.6W LED Light (starlight) is best displayed from a horizontal connection, and the larger surface area of the disk LED mount means a wider angle of bright light.

The 2W G4 LED Light (Starlight) has a 360° viewing angle and is great in any ceiling. Perfect for adding a little soft sophistication to an office reception of boardroom is especially fashionable. The largest of the G4 range is the 3W G4 LED Light (Starlight) – also 360° but with much larger LED chips on the mount, the range of applications are wide enough that this little light is well suited to brighten your bedroom, office, hotel or bathrooms!

Running on 12V, with a  beam angle of 60 – 360 degrees, these little lights have been tested for a lifespan of 25 000 hours and use a Bi-pin connection. Also brilliant as a bedside reader light or as a decoration in your recessed ceiling!

Available in warm or cool white, these powerful LEDs will turn any room into a classy and sophisticated environment.

Another application includes boat lighting, since these G4 LEDs run on 12V they are perfect for battery operated systems, for example they can also be used as a cockpit or dashboard light in your vehicle;  and are even compatible with solar power!

A really beautiful example of the 1.6W G4 LED Light (starlight) – the effect can really be noticed in a glossy floor

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 0.1 × 0.5 × 0.1 cm