Starting in Port Elizabeth, Mesmerize Lighting grew rapidly to become an exclusive LED importer with commercial, industrial, and residential specialised product ranges; that are now widely available across South Africa.

Despite growing so significantly, there remains a very strong commitment to providing personalized service with a youthful energy that drives a special relationship between supplier and wholesaler. Extensive effort is spent on mastering the after-sales service. This, coupled with a focus on researching industry-tailored LED products, provides the wholesale market with a reliable and smooth running supplier.

Mesmerize Lighting focuses solely on LED lighting products which afford clients a saving 80-90% of energy compared to an incandescent product (an incandescent lamp generates light with <10% of the electricity it consumes and the rest is used to generate heat, the light is technically a bi-product). In contrast, an LED is a motherboard driven computer chip that generates light with >80% of the electricity used. While CFL or ‘energy savers’ are marginally better than incandescent, they come with other downsides that include being notoriously difficult to dispose of (due to their mercury content), and taking minutes to reach full brightness.